Sunday, January 8, 2012

And the Shawl Keeps Growing

I got a request last night from the eventual recipient of this project. She wanted a little update on how things were progressing. They are progressing just fine, thanks. I was going to stretch it out on the cord (I'm using a circular needle) and take a photo, but the cord it's currently on is not long enough to do that and we're losing light here by the minute, so I didn't want to spent 15 of those minutes transferring it to a new cord, although I'm going to have to do it soon anyway - but probably in a much more organic way (i.e. I'll just knit them on when I knit the next row).

My solution to the photo request, of course, as to hold it up to the window. You can't see how beautiful the yarn is on this picture, but you can see what the stitch pattern looks like. It's nice. Sort of a flowery thing with the other part waving in and out. There are twelve of these four row repeats before you get to the second section and I just finished the last one the other night. I think the next section is going to take some concentration, so I might wait a day or two until I'm ready to launch into that.

There are some really nice photos of this shawl on Ravelry, but the piece I really wanted to see - the transition between the first and second sections - are far and few between. No one seems concerned. I've been in contact with a woman who has knit this pattern and she says that there is little to no transition, so I'm on the right track apparently.

So there you go, Ang. Some progress. I'll try to get a better photo this week when it's on the right cord and there's decent light. We're getting longer days here, but it's a minute by minute thing. It'll be weeks before we have decent light until 6:00 PM.

More news as it happens.